Spring has Sprung

SKODA Tour de Conamara blogger John Donnelly’s second blog as he is reaches the 100 day countdown to the event.

Well February is nearly over and Spring is in the air, Spring as well as lots of rain and wind, there has been lots of wind and rain for the month and I found it hard to get out too much on the bike but more that January so at least that’s progress, if it wasn’t for the club spins, the weather might have put me off but knowing there are other club member there waiting in the rain at 8am on a Sunday makes u go and I recommend joining a club, that way you get involved in lots of club spins and even though you might be at the back of the group, it pushes you on and makes you stronger, also learning to cycle in a group helps for the big sportives of them summer as for the tour de conamara you are cycling in large group and knowing the calls and hand signals other cycles use can help you navigate around any potholes or (sheep) on the roads of Conamara.

Plus our club Ballinasloe cycling club have started a whattsapp cycling group so it’s always going off with people asking is anyone out today, for any clubs out there this as a member is brilliant and a live feed on what’s spins are on, weather updates and if anyone is looking for company on a spin they put it up too

Tour de Conamara blogger John McDonnell

Tour de Conamara blogger John Donnelly

With 14 weeks to go till the tour, I got in a 75km spin last week so on track, I think. so by adding 5km every week and finding a few more hills around the relatively flat Ballinasloe , also by going out with senior members of the Ballinasloe cycling club they know all the good hills and roads around east Galway and Roscommon ,

I set up the turbo trainer one wild stormy night in the shed after cleaning it looking for the skewer and bits and bobs it was a hour of set up for 30 mins on it , with turbo trainers you need to be very motivated or train with a friend or YouTube videos.

The healthy eating is still going good as I work on an organic vegetable farm Beechlawn Organic farm, I have a great supply of healthy fruit and veg. Plus I got Roz Purcell’s new cookbook Natural Born Feeder so in it there plenty of good healthy meals and energy bars and good treats.

I haven’t yet starting on fully on my core work but also got a cycling yoga book for Christmas, will try it and see how that goes for the body and stretches

Another thing I decided after looking at the dirt and grime on the bike over the winter it was I me to give it a total clean, so looked up YouTube for a good how to strip and clean your bike and spent a good 2 hours cleaning and degreasing the whole bike and then greasing and oiling up all the moving parts, seeing as the bike looked brand new again I decided to bring it into my local bike shop for a service, this is a very important I think having your bike in good working order is key and you won’t be let down, all it needed was a bit of tuning and a new tyre and it was flying it again.

Even though it has been a dark wet and windy Feb, getting out on my bike brightens my spirits, when you’re on your bike and no one but you and the road, enjoy every km, and take in the scenery

Fresh air and feel free, this is what I love about cycling, plus meeting people through the club spin I have met lots over the past year and made new friends, plus over the past 2 years a few of my friends started cycling to its a good way to get out and meet and chat. With family commitments and work cycling is a great way to unwind and if you get to do this with friends, all the better,

So no excuses get out get active and get fit got the tour