Register For Tour De Conamara

ŠKODA Tour de Conamara, Saturday 29th August 2020

The 2020 ŠKODA Tour de Conamara will now take place on Saturday 29th August. A limited number of places are now available for the event which offers cyclists the choice of 140km or 80km routes.

Your can book your place in the August event by CLICKING HERE

Cyclists who have registered for the event were provided with a 7 day window to cancel their registration. The offer is limited to this timeframe and will not apply after March 25th. When this refund period closed we continue to facilitate the transfer of places among cyclists as we have always done.

This still must be arranged between cyclists who MUST advise eventmaster of change of participant details. (email support at to receive the transfer form). If a transfer is made without notifying eventmaster, that entry is considered void and the cyclist is not registered for the event. Unless we have the details of the transfer between cyclists, the person in receipt of the transferred place is not viewed as part of the event and not entitled to the services / supports / cover of the event.

The event in August will continue to provide cyclists with 140km and 80km route options.