March miles 

Tour de Conamara blogger John Donnelly’s March Miles update.

Well here we are another month closer.

We are 8 weeks out from the tour and I haven’t been getting in as much miles in as I wanted but I got a 95km spin in and felt tired but well after it,

My yoga for cyclists book is still on the shelf, my core work leaflets are still unopened.

Tour de Conamara blogger John McDonnell

Tour de Conamara blogger John Donnelly

Our club took part in Ballinasloe fit town 6 week couch to 40km challenge, to get people from never cycling to 40km in 6 weeks , I was one of the instructors and had the great pleasure of seeing my best mate Gavin  complete this and with ease too , He never cycled and always taught I was mad going off on big spins, so I signed him up and have decided to cycle side by side for the Tour de Conamara, it’s a great thing to see someone that’s not very fit , and on the heavy side and to be as motivated and plough through km after km , I have set up a training plan and he’s going above and beyond it, and don’t want to pressure him yet but he could be ready for the 140 (we will see).

Gavin started off on a mountain bike for a few weeks and then started to really enjoy it so off he went to Barry’s cycles here in town and got fully fitted out, he’s ringing me on a fri night now wondering if I want to go out for a spin at 8 am the next morning while for years it was a case of a fri evening call would be , are you going for pints 🙂

Its great and he’s getting a real positive outcome for it, its helping with his fitness and energy levels. But I am still training for the 140km as planed and am training with Gavin  for the 80 and with other club members for the 140km route, as I also have signed up for the Wicklow 200 2 weeks after the Tour de Conamara so that will keep me motivated (scared).

Sign up for another event during the summer . SKODA have a few more events this year and it will keep you wanting to do more and pushing yourself.

For most of March I was just getting out on Sunday mornings and a little 10km spin mid-week to keep the legs moving , but hoping to increase midweek spin to 30-40 but between work and family commitments it’s hard to get out, but over the past week the extra hour of daylight is a cyclists dream , you feel like getting out and after a long day at work and it’s bright when you get home , you want to go straight got the bike.

We all know there’s a few hills/ mountains in conamara so felt I needed some climbing kms on my legs.

Ballinasloe is a flat area so we went to the slieve blooms on Easter Sunday and did the cut and wolftrap twice, it took a lot out of me and could feel different stains on leg muscles the morning after, so I advise anyone doing the tour find some good hills around and get some hill training in now ( it’s not nice at the time but hill training will stand to you for the big day) . I like hills but not mountains 🙁 .

I am really Looking forward to April. Weather starting to improve:-) . If you are training for the 80km you should plan on at least getting up to 60km a few times throughout the month and anyone planning the 140 tour you should be getting a few spins hitting 100km distance , go into the tour confident and knowing you are well able for anything the weather or the road throws at you . Get out in the rain, get out in the wind as you have no choice on the day so know what it’s like

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

But enjoy every km and keep safe

John Donnelly