Two Weeks & Counting


SKODA Tour de Conamara Celtic Series

So we’re are into the final 2 weeks, hopefully you all have the kms clocked up and looking forward to the tour, for the last month the weather has been great with some lovely evenings and sunny mornings so didn’t have cold and wet feet which only a cyclist can know. I was busy with our club this month we held a big family fun cycle and we welcomed in the 300+ cyclists on the cycle against suicide cycle, we put them up and lead them out of town with the kid’s cycle, it was a great weekend for cycling in Ballinasloe.

I got out for a few 100km spins on a few Sunday’s also got over to slieve blooms to practice a few hills to replicate some of the hills and mountain passes we will be cycling in Connemara.
If you haven’t done much hill training get out find a local hill and push yourself to do it 7-10 times a hour on hills will build strength in muscles and help you get back to Clifden feeling good.

The past weeks hot weather is a cyclists dream, hitting off in the eve with the sun on your face with €2 in the back of the jersey for a large 99 cone is what Irish leisure cyclists only get for a few weeks n the year, take advantage get out get cycling there’s enough cold wet days in the year. With 2 weeks to go make sure your bike is ready, there’s no point in signing up for this in Jan, training, planning and getting down to Clifden and have something go wrong with your bike that a simpe service could have fixed, there’s always help on the events but it’s always better to leave your bike into your local bike shop for a check-up.

Also new the plans are been draw up on how we get down to Connemara , where are you staying, what to wear and bring. There’s a good gang of us going down camping for the night so will make a weekend of it. With gear to bring always bring more on the morning and decide with the weather just before setting off When I did my 1st 100km cycle, a cyclist friend told me train for 75 and there’s no point thinking about the 100k he said on the day with all the excitement of the event it will push you a extra 25% , so even if you’re thinking, I have only 2 weeks to go and haven’t cycled 80 or 140 km this year or ever DONT WORRY just keep spinning look up the maps know where you’re going and make sure to take in all the beauty that Connemara has to offer with views that can only appreciated on the bike, when you come round a bend or over the crest of a hill and see the view of Ballyconnelly and cycling through Roundstone looking at the lovely pier and the vast open area of bog and the view of twelve pins and Kylemore abbey, these views are what tourists travel all the way to Ireland for and we have it here every day, it’s much better to see these sights on a bike than in a your bus, so on the day take it all in.

That’s all for now keep safe and keep spinning I will have a bit more info for the last few days before the big day keep tuned
John D