Tour de Conamara Clifden

2024 Event Jersey – Supporting HPV Vacine Awareness

2024 Event Jersey

Following on from the popularity of the event jerseys we produced a number of years ago and the many requests for it since, we have created a new design. Cyclists had the option to purchase the jersey when registering.  If you ordered one, you can collect it when registering for the event. The size you ordered is the size we ordered for you and we cannot exchange sizes. We do not arrange postal for non collection. It is the responsibility of the cyclists to collect their jersey on the 24th or 25th May.

We are also delighted to support the HPV awareness campaign by featuring the logo on the event jersey.  The initiative is designed to raise awareness of the importance of the HPV vaccine.  Individuals, teams and events are being asked to wear the HPV logo on a sports garment, take a photo wearing it and share on social media using the hashtags #ProtectOurFuture and #ThankYouLaura.  The family of the late Laura Brennan are asking sports clubs, organisations throughout Ireland to consider wearing a HPV vaccine logo on their jerseys or training gear to create awareness.