Event Gillet

This year the first 1500 cyclists to register for the Tour de Conamara received a free cycling gillet. We will announce the design of the gillet in the coming weeks.


The first 1500 Cyclists who registered for the event qualified for a free gillet.  This number of registrations has been reached after day one of registration. If you still want to get a hi vis gillet you can order one with your registration at a discounted price of €10.

When selecting your gillet size it is important to consider the following:


  • If you like to wear tighter fitting gillet, Order one the same size as your normal clothing size. As a guideline if you wear a LARGE in a t-shirt then L will be a snug fit on you. (Mens 42″ chest roughly)
  • If you like to wear a looser fitting gillet, Order a size up from your normal clothing size. If you wear a LARGE t-shirt and prefer a looser fit cycling jersey then order XL.  This would be better if you intend to wear over layers of cycling clothing.


As a guideline a small gillet is a regular comfortable fit for a female who wears size 8-10 in clothes.

The gillets are unisex